Module Chronic
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day_or_time   debug=   parse  

Classes and Modules

Class Chronic::InvalidArgumentException
Class Chronic::Span

Public Class methods

Parses a string containing a natural language date or time. If the parser can find a date or time, either a Time or Chronic::Span will be returned (depending on the value of :guess). If no date or time can be found, nil will be returned.

Options are:

:past or :future (defaults to :future)

If your string represents a birthday, you can set :context to :past and if an ambiguous string is given, it will assume it is in the past. Specify :future or omit to set a future context.

Time (defaults to

By setting :now to a Time, all computations will be based off of that time instead of

true or false (defaults to true)

By default, the parser will guess a single point in time for the given date or time. If you’d rather have the entire time span returned, set :guess to false and a Chronic::Span will be returned.

Integer or :none (defaults to 6 (6am-6pm))

If an Integer is given, ambiguous times (like 5:00) will be assumed to be within the range of that time in the AM to that time in the PM. For example, if you set it to 7, then the parser will look for the time between 7am and 7pm. In the case of 5:00, it would assume that means 5:00pm. If :none is given, no assumption will be made, and the first matching instance of that time will be used.